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The Team

Pete Walstab

Scissor Merchant

One of these guys is Pete, the owner of Excellent Edges, a hairdresser by trade and been in the industry for nearly 30 years. He heads up our education team as well so we guess he knows his shit. He gets called The Bull at work and tends to walk with his little fingers sticking out. True Story. The other guy is KT.

Stephanie Stadtmann

Accounts Ninja & 2IC

Steph is our Swiss Aussie Kiwi who has a love for systems and processes. Steph is pretty much responsible for everything now including all the bills, so make sure you pay up, pay up, pay up or you’ll get Tough Steph.

Bec McKenzie

The Scissor Elf

Bec looks after all the orders across our sales channels making sure you get all the gifts on your wish list. She’s also a hairdresser by trade so a great help with education and advising you on the best tool for your needs.

Ajax Fitton

Scissor Nerd

Like the prodigal son, Ajax has returned. After a few years in the wilderness (or running an award winning knife business) they have returned to their true love, which is scissors. Ajax brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to EE after working with our founder Tim Payne for many years.


Jamie Schultz

The Geed Up Scissor Rep

Jamie is one of our Sales Rep who dabbles as a Bladesmith in the workshop allegedly. He answers the phone in a sweet voice, but don’t be fooled. Jamie is usually head to toe in Geed Up apparel, he comes from a barber background so has heaps of knowledge which is a massive asset to his craft and to us.


Darcy Mim

Scissor Baron

Darcy is fresh out of an Advanced Diploma of Jewellery and a Metal Object Design course so possibly more qualified than all of us and not sterile as his title suggests! Darcy is the youngest member of the workshop impersonating as a Bladesmith. He spends his weekends on his farm forging stuff and knows nothing about the barrels in his backyard.


Max Murray

Scissor Yoda

Some people question whether Max is human or T2000 terminator machine. Max has been bladesmithing shortly after the invention of the telephone and since day 1 of Excellent Edges. Max is now in semi-retirement but pops in to tell a few jokes, keep the boys in line and tinker on some tools.


Teneille White

The Scissor Fairy

Teneille runs the reception in our showroom on Monday to Wednesday sending out all of the presents you order through us. Always a happy face at the front desk and only very occasionally gets salty, mostly at the Bladesmiths. She’s also a hairdresser by trade so a great help with education and advising you on the best tool for your needs.


Benni Knop

Club Promoter

Takes a good image and films us doing stupid stuff. Often referred to as Benni the Hack and responsible for all of our social media and any mistakes made with ordering. Message him directly for any issues

Jason Kearney

Scissor Dealer

Jason is our latest addition to the team and a hairdresser by trade . He is on the road most days sorting out all your questions and scissor needs. Ask him for a discount or why he ‘s banned from using UBER, we dare you!


Samantha Walstab

True Boss of EE

But not allowed to attend our Xmas parties.


Terry Thornton

OCD Reliever

Not a real employee but needed to make the columns even for Pete’s OCD.