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360° Concept


We have broken down cutting styles to fit into 6 different categories. These are Blunt Cutting, Point Cutting, Chipping, Slicing, Texturising and Thinning. Refer to the image below.

Each distinct style of cutting is best realised with a dedicated edge. Most conventional scissors have a 45 degree edge, which means they fall into the category of a general purpose cutter. They are somewhat capable of achieving all of these cutting styles but are brilliant at none

Excellent Edges have taken scissors to the next level. We promote the concept of having a kit of scissors, which specialise in each of the cutting style areas. We liken it to a make-up artist in their role, they do not rely on just one brush, but have a range of them to achieve results.

Specific scissors designed for specific cutting styles allow you to have the perfect edge for that particular genre of cutting, and only using it for that role will maximise the life of the edge between servicing.

Whilst it is possible to only use one scissor for all styles of cutting, please understand that this will reduce the life of your blades and be restrictive on what you can achieve.

When browsing through our range you will notice that there is a score for each cutting style for that particular scissor. Use this as a guide to making the best choice for your needs.

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