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by Excellent Edges

Big Mouth Wahoo

Rating: 2.0 out of 5.0
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A premium hair cutting scissor, with all the properties of our standard Big Mouth Marlin with the added advantage of having a multi dimensional swivel thumb scissor reducing fatigue and strain in the hand and wrist.

2 / 5

Customer Reviews

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Veronica Kim
I got wrong pairs.

They both are not sharp at all. I tried to call you many times and no one answered the phone. I emailed and got a reply vey blunt.
I travelled from NZ mainly to see your products and sadly disappointed. The Big Mouth Wahoo and sting ray are so blunt. The blunt cutting scissors is heavy and longer than my fingers. I had tried to get hold of you and no success. I’m glad today I received an email from you for a review. What would you do to help me?
I still have screenshots do other scissors that I tried on a doll hair in the show. And it was vey light and so sharp. Looking for a good solution! Veronica

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