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by Excellent Edges

GUIDE 6.0"


Hikari's patented Guide tip blade design that allows a stylist to cut with extreme precision. A very pointy guide tip enables the stylist to scoop and cut the hair very close to the skin and around the ears. However, the patented guide tip has a smooth inside edge which prevents the stylist from cutting the client or themselves. With a longer bottom blade, the Guide's patented tip leads the scissor blade for continuous cutting on a section of hair, giving the stylist awesome precision cutting results! Other scissors that have very little metal at the tips (very thin tips) can dull quickly and lack power at the tips. The slender and lightweight design makes it perfect for detail work. This amazing new design retains all the power of a thicker shear while providing true accuracy. The Guide is a MUST-HAVE for stylists who seek the most precise, thin tips for precision, without losing performance or power! Ideal for stylists that use their middle finger or stylists who just prefer symmetric scissors.